We recently had the pleasure of completing an Ecotune Venom 9 Stage 3 on this immaculately presented Tiguan. 

The owner was after blistering performance whilst still providing a pleasant daily drive, and without sacrificing long term reliability and durability. 

We had just the receipe. A full Ecotune Stage 3 build with all of the bells and whistles. Featuring their Ecotunes bespoke Venom 9 turbo (that they ran the world record with, check here!), APR Intercooler, Inlet Elbow, Charge pipe and Coil Pack upgrades and a whole array of supporting modifications, this Tiguan was an absolute riot from start to finish.

This combination is typically good for up too the 300KW mark, with over 350KW capable on E85! UNREAL!


Check out some of the images of this build below!

Venom 9 Turbo

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  • Chu Xong

    nice pictures. does this run stock motors? is it safe?

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