TVS Stage 3 - Garrett Powermax - 309AWKW/480NM
Long-standing TVS Engineering and GPG enthusiast entered the Motive DVD Garrett Powermax turbo giveaway late last year, with strong community support from fellow enthusiasts, friends, and family, Muhammed won the giveaway and found himself the owner of a brand new Garrett G25-660 Powermax Stage 2 turbo upgrade.

Muhammed wasted absolutely no time and got in touch with our team to start working on the parts list required for a ridiculously quick and reliable Garrett-powered MK7.5R.

Muhammed opted to do some of the hardware installations himself (we absolutely love to see enthusiasts getting hands-on with their projects and really learning about what makes 'things tick' in a high power big turbo build), and then took the car to Eurocar Garage for professional fitment of the turbo upgrade. Eurocar Garage turned this one around in no time, their extensive expertise proved invaluable in ensuring quality hardware installation.

The final step was to take the car to German Performance Garage for full calibration, involving extensive data analysis and comprehensive road and dyno testing to ensure that Garretts strict shaft-speed limits were adhered to, whilst providing perfect performance, drivability and reliability.

The end result is an extraordinarily smooth and strong powerband, resulting in a final power figure of 309AWKW/480NM on 98RON.

Sprinting from 0-100 in 3.3 seconds*, this MK7.5R is an absolute weapon, and a perfect example of why quality components, workmanship, planning, and expertise are absolutely critical to achieving perfect results.
Congratulations to all involved in delivering such an immense result.

Key performance components:
TVS Stage 3 ECU
TVS Stage 3 TCU
Garrett Powermax G25-660
Garrett Shaft Speed Sensor Kit
DO88 Intercooler
Autotech HPFP
Galano LPFP
The next step for this project is TVS Flex Fuelling upgrades, which is going to launch this project into the realm of the insane.
We would like to thank all involved in this project for their expertise and enthusiasm.
*Base TCU software. Times set to improve.

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