APR - APR MOBILE DONGLE - EM100032 - German Performance
APR - APR MOBILE DONGLE - EM100032 - German Performance
APR - APR MOBILE DONGLE - EM100032 - German Performance
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APR Mobile brings APR's EMCS program switching features and more to your smartphone, tablet, and other supported devices!
Download the app to your device, plug in the APR Mobile OBDII dongle, and get access to the ECU! Features include APR's high speed datalogger, EMCS program switching, security lockout, anti-theft, engine fault code reading and clearing, updated APR news, and locating APR dealers. Logs can be saved, reviewed and sent to APR, and when extra support is needed, an APR support team member can push vehicle specific logging groups to your app to provide a more in depth analysis, where necessary.

Device: The device is a proprietary bluetooth dongle that provide direct access to the ECU not achievable with generic OBDII devices.

Home Screen: See the latest APR news, connection status to the dongle and ECU, currently activated APR program, and number of engine fault codes.

Program Switching: See a visual list of the programs installed on the ECU, and use the app to toggle between programs.

Datalogging: Our high speed datalogger provides direct ram access to the ECU. This means we can log any value within the ECU and have presented the user with commonly needed values. The logger logs much faster than commercially available diagnostic loggers, and can log 10 variables at once. Furthermore, an APR support team member can push specific variables to your phone if more tech support is ever needed. You can then save, review, and email logs.

Fault Codes: Our fault code reader lists all engine codes, the description, and possible explanations, if known. You can reset and clear codes with this device.

Dealer Locator: Finding an APR dealer is easy. Load the dealer map, see local dealers, and get their contact information.


  • Smart phone interface for your vehicle and APR software
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth Dongle
  • Switched APR Programs
  • Dataloggs at high speed
  • Clears Fault Codes
  • Unlocks / Locks APR security lockout
  • Arms / Disarms APR Anti-Theft
  • Requires a compatible ECU tune
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